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What They Say About Us

MPD’s reputation for excellence is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients, as well as the vendors we work with.


Auto Tint Mailer CampaignMark,

From the start of our custom 8-card mailer campaign, thru the 5th drop, our dealer count is up by 50%. Your classic and retro muscle car campaign idea has been very well received and we even get requests for extra post card samples from dealers that heard about the collector series cards although were not on our mailing list – but they are now.

Although I cannot attribute all of these new dealers to the mailer campaign alone, my salesmen report that they regularly see these mailers on desk tops and tacked on the walls in tint shop offices. They also report that on first calls to new dealers, they are greeted with "you're the guys sending me the post cards". It’s great to hear that instead of, "go away I’m not interested".

The mailers are opening doors and generating orders and I believe the good will and brand recognition created by this campaign has been a key factor in adding new dealers.

Jim Coleman
SPF Distribution

Distribution Group
(comments from new ad campaign)


Every time I see your work, I say to myself “He will never top that one”. But you have proven me wrong once again. To say you are a genius would be an understatement. You are, and always will be in my opinion, the #1 window film marketer that has ever walked this planet. Once again, you hit the ball out of the ballpark

Global Express Window Films
Danbury, CT


I share the same sentiments as everyone else here in the Global Distribution camp. Your assistance in helping us getting going as a new distributor has been a tremendous help and you’re on-going support is appreciated by us all. Thanks again for everything you do for us Mark.

Michael Mayall
PRO-TECT Film Distributing, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV


As always, your work is professional and right on the pulse of our potential market. We are fortunate to have a resource like you on our team.

John Diaz
Impact Film Supply, Inc.
Tampa, Florida


Dear Mark,

Please hold off on our next mailer drops until we get replacement inventory. The first two mailers in our campaign produced good response. As of today we have 39 new accounts in our new Mid-America territory states and most of them had not even heard about us before your mailers.

Thanks to you for the excellent job you did - we keep getting repeat orders from all these customers.

Umesh Jagtiani
Sales Manager
World Wide Sun Control – Sterling Virginia

Pool Contractor

The Triton Pools direct marketing campaign you created for us has produced great results, even in these tougher times. On our first drop, we received a great response, had 8 solid leads, and sold two beautiful pools. Also, we really appreciate how you set the program up, where we can drop mailers, at will, giving us time to process leads, before we generate more.

Thomas Smith
Triton Pools

Auto Dealer

There are lots of companies that promise to create a great web site for you…but at what cost? When I was ready to put my pre-owned car dealership online, I checked out several of them. One firm wanted more than $5,000 – just for the design, and that did not include copywriting, photography, training or support. Another company wanted me to purchase special software costing $500 to manage the site. When Mark Bollegar said he’d take care of it, I knew I would get just what I needed in terms on the web site itself – along with a lot of hand-holding and support. And I wasn’t disappointed. Mark did it all. He met with my every step of the way to update me on the process. Then, when the site was ready he went over everything in detail until I felt comfortable uploading photos and using the form he developed that makes it a snap for me to install and change listings of individual autos. Now I’ve got a great site that’s attractive, simple, easy to read and – most important – easy for me to manage all by myself. Best of all, Mark completed the site in just over one month, at a fraction of the cost, and with personalized service that no other firm could match.

Richard Ruble
Richard’s Auto Brokers
Oldsmar, Florida


As the owner of a commercial printing company, I have dealt with many Advertising & Marketing firms over the years. Because of that I recognize true quality and competence before the printing process even begins. I first started working with Mark Bollegar in 1994 and have been privileged as a vendor to work with him on many challenging and substantial marketing campaigns. I have been most impressed with the quality of product he produces and his attention to detail is unsurpassed compared to anyone I have ever worked with. He is always "on top" of any project he has me working on from printing, fulfillment, packaging to delivery. If I am looking to hire a marketing firm my first choice would be MarketPro Direct.

Sonny Moran
Resource Unlimited
Hernando, Florida

Medical Doctor

My wife introduced me to Mark Bollegar because of her participation in the Birthday Mailers program for our fine dining restaurant. We were both pleased with the results and overall program creativity so I contacted MarketPro when starting a new business called Pediatric Anesthesia and then again later, another business called Mobile Anesthesia Specialists. In both cases, I needed help developing marketing support to solicit, introduce and promote our service to surgery centers, referring physicians, patients and their families.

Over a 2 year period, we created identity materials, company logos and various support materials with MarketPro Direct and always received exceptional attention to detail and outstanding service. Mark included me in every step of the process from concept, copy, design through final editing and printing – he even personally delivered all the materials – on time and on budget. We are very pleased with MarketPro Direct and would recommend them highly.

Robert Dickerson, MD
Tampa, Florida


Let me take this opportunity to thank you for making this past year the best ever in our 26 year history. There is no question that the campaigns you designed and all of the materials you produced were the primary reason behind the flood of new customer inquires we received throughout the year.

In an industry where it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish oneself from the competition, you have once again proven your ability to deliver a message that was crystal clear and effective. I look forward to working with you well into the future and eagerly await your next marketing campaign ideas!

Howard Paritsky
Global Express Window Films
Placentia, CA / Danbury, CT


"As your contract with us draws to an end, I wish to record our appreciation of the dedicated manner in which you approached your assignment.

It is obvious you thoroughly enjoyed your work, which perhaps is the key reason for the quality you produced. I was particularly impressed with your attention to detail, your ability to draw out the best in all of us here and at the factory, to contribute to your quest for perfection. You delivered as promised, within agreed timelines and under Budget.

Thank you once again for your hard work, your determination and most of all your enthusiasm and professionalism. Best regards."

Vijay Bhandari
Advisor To The Chairman
Garware Polyester LTD
India — DBA Global P.E.T. Films, USA


I have had the pleasure of working with Mark Bollegar of MarketPro Direct for many years and with very impressive results.

It is my belief that this past year we experienced some of the highest quality, highest impact marketing support materials to date. Despite a soft economy for our products, we enjoyed fantastic growth, due in no small part to the crisp, clean marketing brochures, point of purchase displays and dealer solicitation campaigns all created, managed and launched by MarketPro Direct.

The direct mail campaigns launched this year produced very positive results for us and 3 in particular, were “geographically personalized”. The Dealer Support manuals created by MarketPro Direct, put our entire sales and support message into a credible and easy to understand format, helping us greatly with dealer conversion challenges.

In this world of “over promise/under deliver” it’s really a nice change of pace for a professional company to care about our bottom line and ensure hard hitting marketing results for very fair costs.

From all of us at Global Window Films of Florida – Thanks!

Jeffrey Plummer
President & Owner
GWF of Florida

Panorama Dealer Program
(franchise like marketing support)

Dear Mark,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for all your efforts. From the day we met, you help change the marketing program for Crystal Clear Window Filming. You encouraged us to think out of the box when others scoffed at our ideas.

You may remember, I selected Solar Gard products because of my sales representative and that they had the absolute best dealer marketing support and programs in the industry—all created by you and your staff. Although I was fairly new at the business, I could see early on that manufacture provided marketing support could help me prosper much easier and much faster than going it alone. Your department didn't just put out simple presentation brochures like everyone else, you created entire sales and marketing programs, which made it much easier for dealers like me to professionally present our business and the products we carried. Your "franchise like" marketing support has positively affected the growth of my business. From the day you introduced the Panorama program, my business has never been the same. Panorama was more than just exclusive products, it was an entire dealer program that helped me elevate my business and the consumer perception about my company, to a level that I could have never imagined. Because of Panorama, my sales have exploded, and so have my profits. Most important, over the years you never treated us like a customer, rather you treated us like a friend."

David & Laura Pendleton
Dealer / Owners
Crystal Window Filming
Valparaiso, Indiana

Distribution Group

"You became a true liaison between the factory and its North American distributors, as well as a friend. Soon after you came on board, communications improved. You listened to us, collected all the field information and translated our input into highly effective strategies, support materials, marketing tools and many welcome changes.

You displayed an uncanny ability to recognize what was needed to market our products. You have our heartfelt thanks for the excellence and tenacity with which you pursue each endeavor in behalf of our organization."

North American Distributors
ITD Industries
St. Petersburg, Florida


"As a creative director and copywriter, I've had the good fortune to work with Mark Bollegar on numerous projects over the years. He is one of the most efficient and effective marketing professionals I know, always coming up with fresh ideas and developing unique opportunities for his clients. His personal experience and understanding of manufacturer marketing make him an asset to any team. Most important, his integrity and sense of commitment to all the people he works with - whether client or supplier - are unmatched."

Laura L. Gushin
Owner & Creative Director
Advertising Concepts & Copy
Tampa, Florida


"As the former General Manager for Pro-Marketing, Inc I had the opportunity to work with Mark Bollegar when trying to land the Auto Trim Design account. Representing the manufacturer, Mark insisted on meeting with my prospect client at their corporate headquarters in Indianapolis. Mark did his homework and came prepared with mocked-up dealer marketing support samples of exactly what the client was looking for in a supplier partner – we left the meeting with an agreement and an order.

Without his intuitive presentation and marketing skills, we would not have landed this 750,000 account. I would recommend Mark Bollegar of MarketPro Direct to any company needing any type of distributor and/or dealer marketing support material creations."

Brent Wiseman
Lincoln, Nebraska


"As the former President of Solar Gard, International, I hired Mark Bollegar in the summer of 1994, based on his industry reputation for sales and marketing management excellence. During the next few years, his creations completely changed the face of our business and became an important part of transforming our regional distribution company into a multi-million dollar worldwide competitor. Some years after the sale of Solar Gard, I hired Mark again, this time to help me market my custom home building company. In short order, Mark freshened our identity and created a total program consisting of new presentation materials and a 5-part direct mail program that was very successful. I have worked with Mark now for almost 10 years and would recommend his marketing services to any company that is looking for a well planned and executed marketing program that can make a dramatic impact on sales, and add significant value to their company."

Thomas A. Smith
TA Smith Homes
Pinellas Park, Florida

Birthday Mailers Program

"Several years ago I started a web design business and asked MarketPro Direct to help develop my sales presentation materials. MarketPro's performance was of the highest caliber and became integral to my initial success. Many of my current clients were impressed by my presentation and actually selected my company over competitors based on the perception of professionalism created by the support materials produced by MarketPro.

After a few years, I began looking for ways to expand my web design business. Mark presented his Birthday Mailers direct marketing program and without hesitation I saw how it would complement my existing business. I signed on to market the program in Michigan. After several successful mailers the program has become a solid foundation for my business and has generated many growth opportunities in additional direct marketing products and for my web design services.

During our long-term business relationship that extends almost 25 years, I have found Mark Bollegar of MarketPro Direct to be a creative professional who is truly dependable, honest, hard working and driven with a passion for excellence. He has a unique street-smart approach to sales and marketing management and I highly recommend his services to any potential client."

Jim McKay
Resource Web Marketing
Lake Orion, Michigan

(franchise like marketing support)

"I first met Mark Bollegar in 1991 when he was the Marketing Director for ITD Industries. He was the anchor in a company going all over the place, and put real direction into their sales and marketing for the first time. He moved on to Solar Gard International a few years later and was loyal enough to me to bring my company along to help in his efforts. Mark broke new ground at SGI with his "franchise like marketing support" and for the first time they had promotional and dealer support materials geared to help the company grow from a regional distributor to a worldwide industry leader. Beyond his marketing efforts, I've watched Mark organize new departments, create dealer programs, structure and open training facilities and support his distributor and dealer customers in every way possible. Mark has extraordinary attention to detail and gets things done on time and on budget. Best of all he gets along with people and helps further their careers. In short, Mark Bollegar is one of the most capable people I've ever met, regardless of the field he tackles."

Bob Guckenberger
Guckenberger 'N Partners
St. Petersburg, Florida


"For nearly 6 years, my company had both the opportunity and privilege to have worked directly with Mr. Bollegar in his capacity of Marketing Director for a supplier where I purchased my product for re-sale. During this period, I was impressed with his professionalism, integrity and overall love of his work. He has consistently demonstrated a keen knowledge of the marketplace and always adjusted his performance to best serve the selling needs of all involved. Despite a full workload, he was never too busy to talk to all those seeking advice, from the smallest one-person dealerships, to larger distribution firms such as mine. This has resulted in continued and significant sales and market share growth throughout his tenure culminating with his former company becoming a major industry leader. Even after leaving to open his own marketing firm, Mr. Bollegar's efforts in his former positions are still paying dividends to all those he served. I attribute Mr. Bollegar to having played a contributing role in my company's success and know he will be equally successful for other firms who utilize his services."

Paul Greco
Sydlin, Inc.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania